To enable schools to build reading cultures in their communities and embed reading for pleasure in their classrooms, Scottish Book Trust have a bank of fantastic, free CfE-linked learning resources available on their website, full of activity ideas to use with both primary and secondary pupils. Scottish Book Trust also run the First Minister’s Reading Challenge, and there are even more creative resources available to schools, libraries and community groups that sign-up for free to take part in the Challenge.

We have included here a small selection of resources that focus on pupil choice and peer recommendation:

• Book personality quiz: a multiple-choice personality quiz to point primary pupils towards genres they might enjoy. See here
• 10 great activities to do with any book: activity ideas which are transferrable to just about any fiction text in a primary setting. The activities will provide opportunities for pupils to share their opinions about what they’ve read. See here.
• Reading journal notes: secondary pupils can use this reading journal to keep track of books they have enjoyed, what they would like to read next and notes about their favourites. See here
• Book shelf recommendation cards: pupils can use these cards to recommend a book they love. See here, here and here
• Great activities to do with any book: this resource has great activity ideas that secondary schools can try with any book to help pupils enjoy reading. See here

For loads more fun and inspiring resources, visit the Scottish Book Trust and First Minister’s Reading Challenge websites.